audience data

Growing media success through high-quality user data

We collect data on customer behaviour for millions of consumers and use this data to form and calculate valid target groups:

  • Formation of valid media target groups in terms of demography and interest
  • Identification of product interest and current purchase intention in shopping environments of our data partners
  • Validation of data quality by external service providers

Automated real-time data integration

  • Real-time data collection through behavior tracking
  • AI-based, permanent optimization of data quality
  • Immediate, easy provision of data on all common DSPs

Quality and legal security

  • Anonymous survey according to GDPR
  • Ongoing tests of performance and effectiveness
  • High topicality from 1 to 14 days

Flexible and individual

  • Both standardized and customized segments
  • Seamless integration with your existing data and campaigns
  • Integration of all relevant devices

Cashback & Benefit Programs

Setup of corporate customer incentive programs

Since we successfully operate our own consumer cashback platform we are ready to provide full service including customer care and one of Europes largest performance media networks.

With our technology advertisers can easily run responsive cashback campaigns, turning your CPO based media spendings into purchase incentives for your customers. Our service enhances your member base, raises retention levels and restarts your personalised online marketing:

  • campaign management
  • customer registration
  • payment process
  • customer service
  • performance analytics

Customer Recomendation Programs

Targeted CPO based incentives turning customers into advocates

We see recommendation marketing as one of the most promising trends of our time and have been investing in the development of the best possible recommendation CPO platform for years.

By setting and marketing targeted incentives for recommendation, you turn your customers into your advocates. Our target is to optimise the advertisers net promoter score (NPS) and your total average CPO through appropriate rewards, offers, and calls to action within your relevant audience and along your entire customer life cycle.